Stimming is the word used to describe the rhythmic, repetitive movements that we do to self-regulate, and process sensory input.
These movements are a universal part of human behaviour, but are particularly important for neurodivergent people who may experience differences in sensory processing.

Welcome to the STIMMING virtual space where you will encounter elements of film and photography from STIMMING Research and Development, a collaboration led by dance artist Susanna Dye and photographer Manon Ouimet, in collaboration with dance artists Danni Spooner and Aby Watson.

This was an exploration of how we can create space for sensory seeking and self regulating movement in a dance process, and what our dance practice can learn from our stimming bodies.


Susanna Dye

Lead artist: dance

Olivia Simpson

Costume Designer

Aby Watson

Dance artist

Olivia Hayward

Costume - Embroiderer

Danni Spooner

Dance artist

Jacob Perlmutter

Voice artist and sound editing

Manon Ouimet

Lead Artist: film and photography

Ruth Garde

Producing and Access Support

Josh Anio Grigg

Digital artist

Kimberley Harvey

Pastoral mentoring

Supported By